What is Ace Water Spa?

ACE Water Spa traces back its concept to word SPA - derived from the Latin Phrase "Salus per Aquam" or "Sanitus per Aquam" meaning Health through Water. Since then, Water has been a vital element in cleansing, relaxing and healing because its curative properties. In England, back in the 16th century, the Romans came up with an idea to undergo "medicinal bathing" to soothe and treat body illnesses by the roman soldiers, thus hydrotherapy was born.

What is Hydrotherapy Massage?

Hydrotherapy massage - is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes "Ultrasonic Jet System" that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water.

These one push-of-a-button equipments are categorized as soft, moderate and hard massages. Because of these, the customers are assured of the same consistent experience, unlike manual hand massages wherein every visit may be a different experience due to different factors. For example, a masseuse that offers hard massages may not be as strong as before because he is already tired.

Moreover, the massage systems, being "do-it-yourself" type, gives the customer the freedom to decide which water equipment to use and which part of his body needs more attention.

What is the proper attire at Ace Water Spa?

Fitted swimwear (preferably spandex material) should be worn inside Ace Water Spa to get the maximum health benefit derived from the spa. This ruling is strictly followed that only fitted bathing suits for ladies, trunks or cycling shorts for male to get the maximum health benefits derived from the spa. Branded swimming board shorts or beachshorts will not be allowed since these have the tendency to inflate because of the strong water and air pressure generated during hydrotherapy. Wearing of undergarments or shirts on top of our swimwear is also prohibited. However, you may opt to rent or purchase quality swimwear at very reasonable prices at Ace Swim Shop.

Moreover, swim caps are given as courtesy for you to use during your visit at Ace Water Spa, you are requested to leave your swim caps at the return Bin after your spa treatment. Brand new swimming caps are also for purchase at Ace Swim Shop.

What do i need to bring when availing of a spa service?

All you need to bring are fitted swimwear and a towel. Ace Water Spa has all the amenities you need for a complete and relaxing experience. A locker will be provided where you can keep your belongings.

How much is the rate for a spa service? And what are its inclusions?

Ace Water Spa redefines its service by letting you use all its facilities for four (4) hours by paying only P600.00/adult and P300.00/kid (4 ft. & below). It simply means, enjoy all wet and dry area in the tempo of your choice. You may opt to swim in the lapping pool first or go straight to rainfall acupuncture massage. But remember, you must take a shower first before proceeding t the spa area of your choice.

Giving you four (4) hours inside the spa is very ideal for you to be relaxed and your mind to be revitalized. Since Ace Water Spa offers hydrotherapy massage and is not like any usual report, prolonged exposure to these aqua massage jets might cause muscle soreness and extreme fatigue. Four (4) hours is long enough as compared to the 45-min to maximum 70-min hand massages that are currently prevailing in most spa establishments.

Why do I have to use the cold pool after dripping into the hot herbal pools?

This process is called Contrast Therapy Plunge. It is a special hydrotherapy experience wherein an alternate plunging in the hot herbal pool and cold pool is involved. Immersion on hot herbal pool will open up pores to allow the release of body toxins while stimulating blood flow to the core of the body while tightening the pores. Alternate immersion is recommended to keep your body temperature and heart rate at a healthy level.

Do you provide accommodation at Ace?

Since Ace Water Spa is a day spa, accommodation of any type (rooms, cottages, etc.) are NOT AVAILABLE. However, Resting Area on the 2nd floor near the Hot Herbal Pool Area is Available. This area is also ideal for short naps.

Can we bring in food and beverages inside Ace Water Spa?

Eating and drinking inside the spa area are prohibited. This would ensure cleanliness of the water and spa area. Moreover, we do not recommend eating heavy at least 30-mins before the treatment to avoid the risk of vomiting due to strong pressure.

However, after your spa treatment, a superb dining experience awaits you and your family at Ace Coffee Lounge. To view the complete list of available dishes and beverages from snacks to complete meals, click here

Do you offer tour packages and corporate bookings?

Wide arrays of Spa & Meal Packages are available; from birthdays, conferences, corporate meetings, Teambuilding, Leadership Training Seminars and the like, Ace Water Spa offers personalized and one of a kind experience for your group. For complete listing of different packages, please click here